Supply Chain Balanced Scorecard

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Supply Chain Balanced Scorecard

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The supply Chain is the backbone of any organization. The supply chain starts with understanding the customer's requirements and concludes with delivering the product to the customer effectively and efficiently. Supply Chain has different components such as Supply & Demand Planning, Warehousing, Transportation, and Purchasing. Supply Chain cost for an organization ranges between 4-10% of its sales, which is a significant amount of money for any organization. Hence, it is very beneficial to organizations to make their supply chain effective and efficient resulting in cost and working capital reduction and an increase in customer satisfaction. Finding the right balance between cost and service levels is key to managing an effective and efficient supply chain. Hence, it is imperative to understand the "Supply Chain Balanced Scorecard" that defines the relationship between cost and service levels. Furthermore, finding ways to reduce costs and reducing working capital stuck in inventory is imperative. This course focuses on these key goals.


All staff in Supply Chain i.e., planners, warehouse management, transport management, purchasing management. This course is also beneficial to Financial Analysts who track and report Supply Chain costs for the organization.

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