Corporate Social Responsibility

PSTD being a 56 years old society, has a vision to be the premier institution for learning & development in Pakistan to enhance Professional Management Skills. PSTD is committed to playing an active role in supporting and working with its stakeholders for sustainable community and social development of Pakistan. CSR is one of PSTD’s core values and an integral part of the Company’s overall mission. Another crucial part of our mission is to build the youth of Pakistan.By integrating CSR into our business strategy, PSTD is helping to drive shared value amongst its stakeholders and enhance its corporate brand image amongst the general public.

The PSTD Student Development Program:

PSTD introduced its “Student Development Program” for emerging professionals, the purpose of this program was to build employability in graduates by making mindful choices that will build positive behaviour to grasp market competencies or enhanced degree candidacy.

We believe that not everything can be learned in the classroom, students will be able to absorb more when they are interacting with professional trainers from the corporate world which will also provide them with multiple opportunities However, this cannot be done without the support of HR professionals.

For the 2016 year’s “Student Development Program 2016”, we would like to modify according to the needs of talent acquisition managers which they expect from potential graduates. Previously, there were four categories under which students were polishing their skills such as :-

Professionalism & Grooming

Management skills

Communication Skills

IT Skills

The PSTD Student Development Program 2.0

We believe that not everything can be learned in the classroom, students will be able to absorb more when they are interacting with professional trainers and leaders from the corporate world which will also provide them with multiple opportunities.

The objective of PSTD Student Development Program is to equip students with necessary information required to excel in their careers ahead, give back to society and to broaden professional leadership, capacity and capability in Pakistan. we are ecstatic to state that PSTD Student Development Program 2021 was a huge success. We were able to create an impact in the professional lives of 35 students from 7 different universities, by conducting 15 technical and soft skill sessions by industry experts and professional trainers. Students got the opportunity to network, learn, experience, and grow.

After the successful completion of SDP’21 and receiving overwhelming response from the students, PSTD management has decided to come up with SDP’22.

This time we are trying to impact the lives of 80 students from 12 different universities. We will provide 15 free courses and one to one career counselling sessions to them. The courses selected (given below) are highly demanded in the job market with an aim to contribute immensely to the professional development of each student. Along with the courses, this time we are offering one to one career counselling to the students.

  • Communication skills
  • diversity and inclusion
  • Team work
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Advance Excel for Advance Report Development & Data Analysis
  • Excel as a Self-Service Business Intelligence Tools for Corporates
  • Data Analytics and Dashboards with Microsoft Power BI
  • Personal branding
  • Personality profiling
  • Self leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Time and productivity
  • Interview skills
  • Financial statement basics
  • Change management

Collaboration with Heal Aid Foundation

Pakistan Society for Training & Development collaboration with Heal Aid Foundation

Career Counseling and Farewell for Students of Rise High Academy

 Pakistan Society for Training & Development collaborated with Heal Aid Foundation to organize a career counseling and farewell session for the bright students of Rise High Academy – an educational project of HEAL,to help frame a vision and mission in young minds and to provide a platform for them to learn.

Welcome to Playoff

Playoff; a not-so-fantasy world where player organizations compete to attract and retain their employees.

Your world has undergone a brutal recession, crippling pandemic, and is now made to face a new generation of workers, that come with a completely different set of expectations and needs. This has fueled the already gaping disconnect and disengagement between employer and employee, and if organizations don’t gear up today, they will lose out on talent in the future.