Customized Solutions

Each year, PSTD develops and delivers more than 100 custom programs for local and MNC clients, changing the future of more than 2,500 participating executives and their organizations. Over the years, PSTD has added value to the developmental needs of over 250,000 individuals.

PSTD designs customized courses which can produce tangible results, tailored to the specific needs and development of institutions which have a progressive objective. We are partnered with skilled knowledge providers who possess rich industry-specific expertise and experience from the stage of initial program design to the deployment of the program.

All training programs at PSTD are delivered using modern learning methods which includes: class-room lectures, role plays, exercises, case studies, group work and presentations.

Design Thinking

Wajahat Iqbal

It is a creative problem-solving training in which the trainees go through 2 days of experiential and interactive human-centered service and product design workshop.

Retail Sales Excellence

Kamran Saeed

Most organizations and the managers mostly don’t have any specialized training / intervention programs and activities to develop their retail sales people. When the emphasis is usually more on reports, status data and other non-customer related activities. Customers purchase depends on the overall experience, including sales dealing.

High Performance Selling

Usman Gulzari

The central idea of ‘High Performance Selling’ is to maximize sales by following a controllable and predictable process of selling that increases the probabilities of closing a sale. Participants sharpens their skills of how to break the ice with customers (on phone & on one-to-one meeting), schedule quality appointments, engage clients during presentations and handle objections with grace, that will ultimately help business owners and sales professionals to increase their business.

Adaptability & Continuous Learning (Experiential Learning Workshop)

Saad Tariq

Adaptability is the ability of an individual, team or organization to adjust or change itself to meet the needs of the situation or environment. So that if any change occurs, an adaptable person or team will adjust and find how to perform in the new situation by themselves, as compared to having to be coached or retrained. Adaptable staff, particularly frontline staff can make all the difference in managing expectations when it comes to service management.

Communication Skill

Kanwal Akhtar &Meena Vali Mohammad

Amongall the challenges of interpersonal relationships,difficulties of giving and receiving feedback, managing conflict situations, negotiating and sustaining a work-life communication challenge usually stems from lack of knowledge, skill and practice. This “Communication skills” training enables to explore wealth of practical ideas and tools to help to get better at communicating in all fronts of life. Will explore how to Juggle Elephants and be successful without getting squashed.

Stress Management

Sualeha Bhatti

Pressure is a normal outcome of day to day life, however converting it into stress is something we do to ourselves. Spending our lives in the hope that one day all our problems will be over is both unrealistic and self-defeating. However, we can prevent the stress and live healthy happy lives.The aim of this program is to help participants understand the contributing factors of stress and give them tools which can help them cope with it. Remember: Change is inevitable. Stress is predictable,butmisery is optional!

Management Development Program

Saadi Insha

The competencies required to succeed as a manager are quite different from those of an individual contributor. Employees however are often promoted to managerial positions without being sufficiently prepared for new & important role. This program aims to develop core managerial competencies to help both new managers fulfill the requirement of their current roles and to develop high potential employees for future managerial positions

Conflict Management

Baseer Sami

In an ideal world, difficult behaviours are not tolerated at work. The stress of handling difficult people and tough situations can create a lack of productivity, poor attitude, and reluctance to come to work. Through hands-on activities and practice exercises, participants learn how to deal with all sorts of troublesome people and situations. This course provides the tools for handling all types of workplace behaviour problems brought about by whiners, time wasters, intruders, and gossips. Conflict Resolution is the focus.

Supervisory Skills

Mehdi Hasnain

This program enables participants to learn specific skills necessary for succeeding in management/supervisory positions Firstline supervisors’role is pivotal as they are directly responsible for day to day allocation and oversight of all critical resources. Program will benefit to enhance the strengths associated with their individual management/supervisory styles and how to use their styles to motivate others, communicate for results, manage conflict, conduct productive meetings and build a winning work team. The skills learned can be applied immediately on the job.

Root Cause Analysis

Mehdi Hasnain

RCA is a course that enables to train anyone in the company on techniques for achieving resolution of any type of problem, whether it be a transactional process, manufacturing issue, medical procedure, or personnel issue. A comprehensive training on Root Cause Analysis enables the participants in achieving proper guidelines to resolve any type of problem starting from transactional process, manufacturing issue, medical procedure, or personnel issue.

Often to solve complex issues, the practitioners end up treating the symptoms rather than curing the condition. A broken leg, for example, really hurts! But painkillers will only take away the symptoms; you'll need a different treatment to help your bones heal properly. When we have a problem at work, do we jump straight in and treat the symptoms or do we stop to consider whether there's actually a deeper problem that needs our attention.

Emotional Intelligence

Asim Rashid

Emotional Intelligence are set of competencies through which a professional demonstrates the ability to recognize his or her behaviors, moods, and impulses, and manage them in productive manner. This course provides tools to the professionals to be emotionally intelligent atworkplace. A professional with high emotional intelligence can manage his or her own impulses, communicate with others effectively, manage change well, solve problems, and use charismatic skills and a positive attitude to build rapport in tense situations.

Team Building

Ali Saeed

The objective of the program is to let the participants experience teamwork and enhance the spirit of leadership through various group activities. It also focuses on giving participants concrete steps which contribute towards effective teamwork. We believe that teambuilding cannot be taught – only experienced, hence a customized experiential program is designed to highlight the various aspects of team building.The program is experiential in its format, as teamwork has to be experienced and cannot be learned through mere theory.

Critical and Logical Thinking Via LSP

Ali Saeed

Idea of ‘play’ in creativity is well explored and documented, it describes a process in which a person learns to make sense of the world around them. This is resonant with the Piagetian (1936) view of "constructivism" which claims that a learner’s knowledge and meaning are ‘constructed’ through the interaction of their ideas and experiences. The Vygostskian (1978) perspective, in this context, holds that individuals learn to support previous learning and knowledge thorough play, and also gain new knowledge and understanding of slightly greater complexity in complex situations.

Power of Collaboration

Dr. Mehwish Baig

Employee’s collaboration is the key to achieving extraordinary results in any organization. Massive improvements in productivity, job satisfaction, quality of work, customer service and other KPIs can be achieved by working as a cohesive unit.This program will identify characteristics of a high performance team and help strengthen inter and intra-department relationships, to achieve enormous benefits of working synergistically.

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