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Each year, Pakistan Society for Training & Development (PSTD) develops and delivers more than 100 custom programs for local and multinational clients, changing the future of more than 2,500 participating executives and their organizations. Over the years, PSTD has added value to the developmental needs of approximately 250,000 individuals through a diverse range of training solutions.

PSTD designs customized courses tailored to the specific needs and development of institutions which have a progressive objective. To fulfill the particular requirements of institutions, PSTD exclusive in-house courses aim to provide maximum value from training through focused and controlled outlines and agendas.

Our custom programs help organizations build leaders who have the strategic skills and global vision to tackle complex issues from change management to advantage to strategy development and beyond.

PSTD ensures that all the training programs are updated on a regular basis and meet the organization requirements. The courses are developed with clear objectives and have specific outcomes which are aimed at providing valuable learning and producing tangible results.

By bringing together groups of executives for a highly tailored learning experience, you can boost the capabilities of your organization, achieve new levels of alignment and synergy, discuss possible internal solutions and set the stage for improving performance across the organization.

We partner with skilled knowledge providers who possess rich industry-specific expertise and experience from the stage of initial program design to the deployment of the program.

All training programs at PSTD are delivered using modern learning methods and include: class-room lectures, role plays, exercises, case studies, group work and presentations.

Clients we have done in-house courses for:

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Welcome to Playoff

Playoff; a not-so-fantasy world where player organizations compete to attract and retain their employees.

Your world has undergone a brutal recession, crippling pandemic, and is now made to face a new generation of workers, that come with a completely different set of expectations and needs. This has fueled the already gaping disconnect and disengagement between employer and employee, and if organizations don’t gear up today, they will lose out on talent in the future.