Customer Service Excellence

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Customer Service Excellence

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The target audience for this program includes customer service professionals & customer service leadership teams, alongside key internal stakeholders like business finance, HR Business Partners, Route-to-Market/Go-to-Market professionals, Sales Professionals, Sales Team Leads, Supply chain Professionals & B2B/B2C Marketing Managers.

Training Outcomes:

  • Gain understanding of 5 Elements of Uplifting customer services.
  • Understand the importance of a customer service excellence journey.
  • Understand Role of leadership in customer service excellence culture.
  • How Voice of customer and Net Promoter Score can be helpful?
  • Essence of re-building a lost customer relationship
  • Six levels of customer services
  • Key levers of success in your journey of customer service excellence.

Training Objectives:

Through this program, we are building a cultural transformation toward customer service excellence. Customer service is a critical component of any business, and it's essential to understand the challenges, expectations, & best practices for always delivering top-line service, there is often a gap between customer expectations & their experience with a product or service. To bridge this gap, companies can embrace proactive support, engage with customers in a personalized way, and empower them with efficient service. An uplifting service architecture can help companies deliver customer service excellence.
Customer service leadership is crucial in ensuring that teams understand their role in driving customer satisfaction. Leaders who demonstrate a customer service mindset create an environment where team members are immersed in a strategic vision for meeting client needs. We will also cover some important performance metrics for measuring customer loyalty & satisfaction. Recovering a lost customer relationship involves establishing a direct connection & showing gratitude over time.
There are six levels of customer service ranging from unsatisfactory to exceeding expectations, developing the right mindset for your customer service excellence involves assessing yourself & taking steps to eliminate any deficiencies. Key levers of success in your customer service excellence journey include culture, people, tools, processes, and leadership. By focusing on these areas and adopting a customer-centric culture, companies can improve their customer's experience and drive loyalty through personalized journeys while unlocking greater productivity and increased revenue.
The overall learning is divided into 04 sections, and we will be covering each learning intervention with activities, role plays, and case studies for better comprehension and onward utilization.
This course does not have any sections.