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3rd Annual Learning Conference (ALC) 2015


May 20, 2015

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Nadeem Elahi

CEO- Ibex Global

Nadeem Elahi joined The Resource Group founding team at inception in 2002 and led the company’s North American portfolio operations based in Washington, DC. He currently directly oversees TRG’s offshore portfolio operations in Pakistan and has overall responsibility for global offshore portfolio operations. Before joining TRG, Nadeem co-founded FTA Direct Inc., a provider of internet-based, supply-chain solutions for the global textiles industry based in New York. Earlier, Nadeem served as Director of Manufacturing at Tanveer Textiles, a textile manufacturing business held by his family.

Bakhtiar H. Wain

CEO, Avanceon

Mr. Bakhtiar Hameed Wain is Chief Executive Officer and Director of Avanceon Ltd. He is a Mechanical Engineer with experience of working for various companies such Exxon Chemicals, Fauji Fertilizer and ICI Ltd (now AkzoNobel). In 1989 he set up a business of providing turnkey automation, instrumentation and engineering solutions. After the acquisition of majority shares by Engro Chemical in 2003, he was appointed as CEO by the Board of Directors. He is Director of Innovative (Pvt.) Ltd.

Siraj Uddin Aziz


Mr. Aziz served as the Chief Executive Officer and President at Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited from January 1, 2012 to April 23, 2018. Mr. Aziz served as the Chief Executive Officer of Bank Alfalah Ltd. from October 25, 2007 to October 27, 2011. He has with him more than 30 years of experience in banking sector. He has extensive international experience in the banking sector. He serves as Director of Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited. Mr. Aziz holds an MBA and fellow membership of Institute of Bankers in Pakistan.

Carol Ariano

Vice President Human Resources at Aga Khan University

Experienced Vice President Human Resources with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Career Development, HR Consulting, Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Technical Recruiting. Strong human resources professional with a Bachelor of Arts, Honours Degree focused in English from University of Regina.

Zafar Aziz Osmani

CEO, Excelerate Private Limited

Mr. Zafar Osmani, the CEO of Excelerate Private Limited, is a well renowned, seasoned business professional and carries vast management and leadership experience spanning over thirty years.In his career, Mr. Osmani served prominent organizations in senior management and leadership capacities in the Human Resources, Organization Development, Marketing and Project Management functions. Prior to setting up Excelerate, Mr. Osmani was the Chief Operating Officer at Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC). He also served as Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Human Resources at Habib Bank Limited; as Member Human Resource Management at Central Board of Revenue (CBR); and as Senior Executive Vice President (Business Planning, Marketing, IT and HR) at Pak Kuwait Investment Company/Meezan Bank. Mr. Osmani also served American Express Bank as Director/Head of HR for Pakistan and Bangladesh and as Regional Director (Asia-Pacific Region, based in Singapore) Compensation & Benefits. Earlier in his career he also served at Gulf International Bank, Bahrain, Exxon Chemical Pakistan Ltd. and Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan.

Rahila Narejo

Connecting HR & Humans | Author of Workplace Sanity™ | HR Consultant + Assessment Specialist | Executive Career Coach | Resume + LinkedIn Courses

Rahila is a Psychobiologist by education with a degree from UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and a Psychometrician by practice, certified by the British Psychological Society.  With certification in BarOn EQ testing and consulting, and over a decade of experience in Human Resources, Rahila’s primary aim is to assist companies in maximizing their return from their Human Capital.  Rahila is an avid writer on HR and workplace topics and has a weekly Workplace Sanity column in Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper, Sunday’s Careers Section. She is also the Chief Editor of HR Toolkit, Pakistan’s only Human Resource Management publication.  Rahila is a much sought out key-note speaker and workshop facilitator who is known for giving a personal and humorous touch to all her presentations

Dr. Mohammed Hanif

Trainer & Consultant

Dr. Hanif Mohammed specializes in the areas of Strategy, Financial Modeling, Financial Economics, and Human Resource Management. He holds a PhD in Strategy from California, USA where his research work was focused towards “Creating Strategic Synergy through Strategic Alliances”. His second PhD is in Business Administration along with Post Doctorate in Financial Economics. He holds MBA in Marketing with Bi-Major in HRM. He holds a PGD from LUMS and McGill University, Canad with specialization in Operations Management. Whereas, he is a Certified Manager in Training and Development from American Management Association and has done various courses like discussion Leadership from Harvard Business School & also from AMA, New York, USA. He has approximately 19 years of training and consultancies experience with companies in Pakistan, Canada and USA. Having extensive industry experience he has worked with companies like Shell Pakistan, Pakistan State Oil, Chevron, National Foods, Johnson & Johnson, PharmEvo, ResoShafi Chemicals, British Council, FICH, WHO; UNO, NICH, TPS, etc.

Ahmad Ali Zia

I am a well-rounded Senior HR professional with a very diverse and muti-faceted experience in some of the top-ranking Multi-National Global Organizations. I am a CIPD-Certified (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, UK) HR Professional, and an Electrical Engineer by qualification. I have worked in diverse areas of expertise during the last 25 years of my career with some of the top Fortune 100 Multi-National Companies (including Unilever, Procter & Gamble, 3M, Artal, Warner Lambert and Muller & Phipps). I spent the first 12 years in the area of Supply Chain and moved to HR as a career choice in 2003. During the last 8 years, I have been in the roles of HR Director and Management Committee Member at Unilever Pakistan Limited, a 0.6 Bn Euro Business, HR Director and Executive Committee Member for Unilever Middle East Region, and the Group Head of HR for Ali Bin Ali Group in Qatar. I am currently in the role of HR Director with Muller & Phipps, Pakistan. My Family and I are open to relocation and with 25 years of well-rounded senior level Management experience in Supply Chain and HR, I am now positioned for any Senior Leadership Position in HR or General Management in a top Multi-National or local organization.

Qasim Usmani


QasimUsmani is a corporate trainer, facilitator, and leads ‘THE HUMAN SOLUTION’ as CEO. Qasim has an experience of 22 years in Sales Management, Product Management, Training, Human Resource Management and General Management. During this time he has was affiliated with Reckitt &Benkeiser, GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan and Roche Pakistan. Qasim has a dazzling career record as a successful and innovative manager, inspiring team leader and friendly and empathic Coach. While romancing with training function, he has accredited thousands of participants in a variety of disciplines in Leadership, Selling Skills, Sales Management, HRM. Qasim is a visiting faculty at PAF-KIET.

Athar Sajid Khan


An Aeronautical Engineer by qualification. A Trainer by profession. A Motivational Speaker by choice. I have 20+ years of training and development experience serving in the Armed Forces, Pakistan Airlines, Banking sector and Healthcare and have had the opportunity to train over 50,000+ participants till now. I am Self Motivated, a Leader and an exceptional Communicator. I am a strong believer that something as simple as pleasant gestures along with a politely worn smile can accomplish wonders in the service industry.

Naveeda Mahmud


Ms. Naveeda Mahmud holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), and has a diversified experience of more than 27 years in the areas of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Training and Organizational Development. She has been with PPL for the last 7 years and prior to that has worked for about 21 years in two multinational organizations and in the Aviation sector. She joined PPL in October 2007 and is currently holding the position of Manager Learning & Development.

Yousuf Kerai

Lecturer, Mathematics and Musician

Mr. Kerai holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Mathematics from Bennington College, VT, USA. He has taught mathematics in both public and private schools in USA, and has been teaching and conducting teacher training in Pakistan. He has given talks at many mathematics conferences on topics in the history of mathematics, with a special focus in the mathematics during the medieval Islamic period. Simultaneously, Mr. Kerai harbors and pursues a second interest, music. He is a celebrated tabla player and leads an ensemble of classically trained musicians by the name of Tarz Group. He has held several performances in Pakistan and has released an album of purely instrumental music called The Essence of South Asia, which features musical maestros of Pakistan.

Shehroze Hussain


Mr. Shehroze has learned the art of sitar and singing from Sajid Hussain. He brings a refreshing personality to the tradition of sitar players through his excellent grip on the sitar and great technical agility with his voice. He has performed in various private and public venues such as Sampurna and All Pakistan Music Conference

Azfar Mir

Managing Partner A.I. MIR LLC

Azfar is a Strategy, Innovation Management, and Leadership Development Consultant working with 15+ of the Global Fortune 500s. His work is focused on helping organizations identify as well as implement the most suitable strategies and develop cultures that will foster innovation. He serves as an advisor to the CEOs in matters of Strategy development, Implementation and Innovation and to the CLOs in the area of Leadership Development. Azfar is the Managing Partner at A.I. MIR LLC – a Consulting, Outsourcing, and Learning Company and the President of ASTD St. Louis (American Society of Training and Development)

Wali Zahid


Wali is a writer, speaker, leadership trainer and an executive coach. As CEO of SkillCity [Asian answers. To Asian questions], a new-generation learning firm with a developing-country perspective, he has spoken to audiences all over the world.  A futurist and disruptor, his thoughts are often considered inconvenient and unconventional, sometimes controversial. He appears in print and TV on Pakistan 2050. He blogs at: walizahid.com. With the insight of original thought leaders, Wali has trained thousands of business leaders from Fortune-500 companies in over 25 years. His signature workshops include Leadership for CEOs, Women in Leadership, Leader Derailment and Train The Trainer.

Bashir Makki

Director HR,Atlas Group of Companies

Mr. Bashir Makki has been Director of Atlas Engineering Limited since June 30, 2009. Mr. Makki has been a Non-Executive Director at Atlas Battery Limited since April 29, 2013. He serves as a Member of Group Human Resource and Executive Committee of Atlas Honda Ltd. and Atlas Battery. Mr. Makki serves as a Member of Group Executive Committee at Atlas Group and Atlas Fund of Funds. He holds an MBA from Karachi University.

Ahmed Nauman Anees

Divisional Head, Learning and Development Division, Bank AlFalah Ltd

Mr. Ahmed has over 19 years’ experience in credit and corporate banking. Earlier, he maintained the position of senior vice president &Dy, Country Head, Learning and Development. He is passionate about bringing a positive change change in other people’s lives through learning and education. Mr. Ahmed is the winner of National Banking Essay Competition on ‘Role of micro Finance in Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation’. He is an MBA from QAU and is proud of holding a top position in MSc-Banking & Finance with a British Royal Scholarship (Chevening Scholar) from London, UK.

Mr. Mehdi Hasnain

CEO, Tofay.com

Syed Mehdi Hasnain is one the leading Business, Operations Excellence and Resource Management brains in Pakistan at current. A unique career that started at grass-roots level in Pakistan working hands-on diverse Industrial manufacturing and installation projects in Power, Cement, Oil and Gas and Chemical sectors to factory floor management, developing hands-on retail businesses and on to leading Technical and Functional divisions at major Fortune 500 Firms in North America, Far-East and South Asia.Mehdi Hasnain is leading The Hunar Foundation as Chief Executive at present taking up the mission of the revolution for a Skilled Pakistan. He is also the CEO of Tofay.com

Shafaq Omar

Shafaq is an MC Member and HR Director for Unilever Pakistan. She is a gold medalist from Kinnaird Collage and earned her MBA from LUMS. Shafaq’s career started at Nestle where she joined as Management Trainee and left in the role of a Recruitment & Development Manager. After time off with her family, Shafaq re-entered the workplace with short stints of consultancy before joining Engro where she headed HR for their food business and parent company. This gave her vast exposure to not only operational and strategic HR but also HR systems development. From Engro, Shafaq moved to Head of HR at Shell Pakistan before joining Unilever. She is an Executive member of PSHRM & is Member of Board for PSTD.

Umair Jalia Walla

Chief Turning Officer, Torque Corp (Moderator)

UmairJaliawala is a decade-strong consultant and trainer on Leadership, Enterprise and Technology (LET) – Authentic Leadership, driven by ideals, not idols; Passionate Enterprises, where teams live their dreams and Social Technologies that enable us to be and do more. Jaliawala’s horizon of consulting in learning design and delivery ranges from national-level working groups to ethnic to community-based initiatives. His ability to map needs and to conceptualize interventions based on participation, inclusiveness and sustainability makes his work relevant, revered and replicable. His global connection and local action have helped him match up with global consulting groups. As a trainer, Umair assimilates business, religion, philosophy and psychology. His sessions are a roller-coaster journey of realizations, audio-visual content, exercises and simulations. A usual Jaliawala-session makes participants reflect, grow, celebrate, cry and connect.

  • Leaving no stone unturned in the quest for knowledge is what this team does best! – Nadeem Ali – Zeta Corp
  • A remarkable platform to refresh oneself with varied and valuable exposure from experts sincerely pursuing their purpose. – Shereeen Naqvi – Navitus
  • A great platform for learning experienced. M.Ahmed – Excellarte
  • A worth attending conference added a lot to my knowledge.
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