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Motivational Keynote Speaker “Haseeb’s competence of ‘customizing’ projects’ according to clients needs makes him a unique (preferred) contender amongst his contemporaries” – CEO, Emitac group UAE Haseeb brings with him extensive experience from the corporate world, where he was employed prior to establishing Intek Solutions in 1996 and is now considered amongst the new breed of dynamic “Motivational Speakers” who brings thought provoking internal changes with his audiences / organizations. His mission in life is to be an effective ‘channel’ for anybody who crosses his path, either professionally or personally. He has designed / created several life changing modules that thousands have benefitted from in the past 18 years of him being a corporate trainer / motivational speaker / Life-coach. Following is a brief summary of his three decades of his professional & personal experiences. Experience – Haseeb’s experience can be divided into two time segments: First Eleven years (Years of Employment – Corporate experience) (1985-1996) Organizations, where he was employed, prior to opening Intek Solutions include British American Tobacco, LU Biscuits, Merrill Lynch and Informatics Singapore. During this period he embarked on different assignments including Marketing, Finance, Sales, MIS and Business Development. His corporate experience reflects strongly in his seminars / trainings / coaching / keynote speeches with practical tools and solutions applicable in real life. “You want somebody practical to achieve your objectives, call Haseeb. From a stagnant 2000 tons per month, we are now 9000 tons per month steel manufacturers at Arabian International Steel. I must admit, it was the first series of ‘Leadership Development Program’ that ignited the change amongst myself and my team members break several barriers in the past six years” – President, AIC KSA Past Eighteen years (Corporate Motivational Trainer / Consultant / Life coach / Keynote speaker) (1996-todate) Driven by his Mission in life, Haseeb embarked on establishing Intek and expanded training and consultancy business internationally. Haseeb’s earlier employment experience helped a great deal in devising (Practical) training programs suited to various industries promising clients value added training and consultancy services. During these years Haseeb gained experience as a “Master Trainer” through prominent institutions in USA and Singapore. In 2010, Haseeb established a social media marketing company in the Middle East. He is now a sought after keynote speaker in the region on several platforms. “Haseeb engages the audience at a personal level, creating an inner drive to change for the better, which very few trainers are capable of achieving. He touches people on their sensitive emotional levels whereby initiating positive changes, not only at a professional level but also at personal level” – Group CEO, Galadari group UAE Keynote Speaker / Corporate Trainer Haseeb has developed and conducted assignments / modules in a wide range of subjects, which include, Leadership Sales Excellence Creativity & Innovation Train The Trainer Managerial skills Negotiation Skills Annual Get-togethers Performance Management Multicultural Skills Presentation Skills Team Building Finance for Non-Finance Project Management Social Media Marketing Customer Service Etc. Services at Organizational Level Haseeb is a Consultant to many organizations in the areas of “Business Development”, “Social Media”, “HR”, “Change Management”, “Organizational Development” and “Re-engineering”. He is consultant to various industries including, Tele-Communication, FMCG, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Retail, Hospitality, IT, Social Media, Travel, among several others. “Our sales increased by 27% in the first quarter after the ‘Sales Excellence” workshop by Intek Solutions. Creative techniques they employ reflect in practical results” – GM, Al Mazroui Medical UAE 1:1 Coaching Haseeb provided ‘one-on-one’ coaching to innumerable CEOs, Leaders, Singers, Actors and Celebrities. Anybody who is familiar with Haseeb knows that ‘helping people’ is not just another job – it’s his passion and hobby too. Many people have ranked his “Motivational Skills” amongst the highest of all techniques of training/coaching that he employs. “My team and I have tried several trainers/motivational speakers in the past 20 years in the region, but nobody ranks as high as Mr. Haseeb of Intek Solutions – who has become an insider for our company after several assignments including annual events in the past six years” – GM, Dubai Quality Group (DQG) Personal Information Educated in USA with an MBA, aged 57, Haseeb resides in Dubai with his wife, Zaufyshan (who is also a partner in business at an equal standing on her own). They have three children studying in Canada and USA. Hobbies Include coaching/training people, photography, reading, writing, traveling, yoga, meditation, running marathons, self-development, achieving challenging goals, social contributions, spending time with nature - to name a few. “If you are wanting to bring about a positive change in your organization and exploring several training companies out there, going thru a screening process of selecting the right partner in training, look no more, go with Intek Solutions – Let Haseeb and Zaufyshan, do the magic that you are desiring – It’s a recommendation, you’ll thank me indeed, one day” – President, Arabian Cement, KSA “We have a pool of external trainers at Qatar Petroleum from several countries and continents, who complete our training calendars every year – year after year, Intek Solutions tops our evaluation with the highest points of internal customer satisfaction survey. Thank you Intek Solutions for being our preferred training vendor since 2003. Keep it up” – Head of Training, QP Qatar “Not hiring Intek Solutions for your training needs is a mistake nobody should make” – Head HR, Rasgas Qatar Zaufyshan Hasan (Zaufy) Managing Partner - Intek Solutions P.O.Box: 81180, Dubai - UAE Tel: +971 4 3342830 | Cell: +971 50 5649495 Profile as a Coach / Trainer An experienced Life Coach, Zaufyshan lives her life empowering individuals globally to excel beyond their own ‘perceived abilities’ and enjoy the career and life they ‘wish’ for. Her practical and inspiring coaching / training programs help people tap into their ‘potential’ so they can improve performance at work and achieve success in all aspects of our life, namely, Individual life, Family life and Professional life maintaining a fine and healthy balance, for a more content and happier life. Zaufy helps people gain clarity on what they want and how to achieve it. Through an individualized coaching program, She works with them in their journey of self-awareness to assess where they are now, where you want to be and “Action Points” to bridge the gap. Zaufy helps people overcome any barriers, roadblocks, challenges or fears standing between dreams. Zaufy was educated in the area of ‘Human Development & Behavioral Psychology’, she achieved her distinction in MSc in 1986. A behavioral psychologist with extensive senior management experience helps her to blend ‘practical knowledge of psychology’ and ‘management experience’ to ‘design and conduct’ coaching/training programs. Zaufy started Intek Solutions 21 years ago and since then, has been actively involved in training and coaching thousands of people. Her audiences absolutely love her due to her empathic personality and ability to influence people positively, in all area of life. Active participation in charity and humanitarian institutes gave her a purpose in life, by helping develop sustainable action plans for developing countries. Her training portfolio has reputable NGOs and commercial organizations. Apart from training and coaching commitments, she is an active blogger and the Editor of Intek Solution’ self-development newsletter – Life-Skills, with a vast readership accumulated over the past 21 years. The emphasis in her coaching/training methodology is on self-awareness, thought provoking exercises and a better future direction through visualization and other reframing coaching techniques. She takes keen interest in research and development of coaching programs, keeping in mind that each individual is unique, both in genetic make-up and behaviors, making every program an exclusive experience, which she enjoys as a passion and hobby. To maintain comfort of her coachees she starts a coaching relation by signing a ‘confidentiality agreement’, while mutually agreeing on objectives that need to be achieved. Her conviction with regard to potential in human beings, to excel beyond their imagination, is forms a very strong base in her coaching/training. The key to success is self-belief and commitment. Zaufyshan evokes a positive self-response within individuals, so that they start believing in their own capabilities. It gives her personal satisfaction to witness her coachees go through a paradigm shift during and after the sessions. Her mission in life is to assist individuals flourish and progress even during extreme stress and adverse circumstances and also be a source of positivity and inspiration for the community, family and colleagues around them. In her coaching projects, Zaufy believes that a Coach / Coachee relationship is for life, and not limited to the official time frame. She develops a personal connection with her coaches, that provides them comfort to keep returning to her on a personal level even after several years.

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