Dr.Ali Jarrar

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Having served as Manager Training & Development for Bayer Health Care Pakistan Dr. Ali Jarrar comes with a rich training background which not only covers the dynamics of Pharmaceutical Management and Selling but also encompasses other spheres of Human Resource Development such as Discovering and Unleashing One’s Complete Potential, Strategic Life Management, Leading from the Front, Out of the Box Thinking, Work Life Balance and Corporate Stress Management. His workshops have gently led his audience to not only introspect and discover their true hidden potential but also to reflect upon their life strategies and tactics and bring about subtle yet a high impact change in their personal and professional lives. With a Training & Development career spread over a decade spanning from Pfizer Laboratories, Sante (Pvt. Ltd) to Bayer Pakistan, Dr. Ali had the opportunity to provide “Hands on Coaching” to hundreds of individuals from all cadres and levels of organizational hierarchy leading to tangible efficiency gains for their organizations. Dr. Ali also authored Bayer Pakistan’s First Comprehensive module on dynamic selling entitled “Selling with Excellence”.

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Welcome to Playoff

Playoff; a not-so-fantasy world where player organizations compete to attract and retain their employees.

Your world has undergone a brutal recession, crippling pandemic, and is now made to face a new generation of workers, that come with a completely different set of expectations and needs. This has fueled the already gaping disconnect and disengagement between employer and employee, and if organizations don’t gear up today, they will lose out on talent in the future.