High Impact Communication Skills

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High Impact Communication Skills

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Program Introduction

Beyond the realms of doubt, it has been only the power of communication that has allowed the best of human race to evolve distinctly and lead the waywhile communicating diverse social, political & spiritual messages.Indeed, some of these communications tend to remain vividly etched in our memory forever. Today, communication is called the language of leadershipthus making possession of a high impact communication skill set necessity for every progressive professional.Whether you are giving a promotional interview or communicating your perspective in a high-profileboard meeting, selling a product or an idea, deliveringhigh impact presentations or motivational speech to a large number of audience.The “A J Experience” not only provides a deep insight into the world of “High Impact Communication Skills” but actually trains you to be a high impactcommunicator giving you that definitive edge to make you stand out in the crowd.

Training Content

Module One: Neurolinguistic Programming in Play

  • Understanding of the basic perceptive channels of humans i.e.visuals, auditory and kinesthetics.
  • High impact communications with auditory, visuals andkinesthetics through use of predicates.

Module Two: “Sur Ki Seerhi”

  • Trains& strengthens your vocal cords to achieve high impact voiceand word clarity even in the absence of a microphone.
  • Deployment of SaatSurs (The Seven Musical Notes) to speak in adeep resonant voice or high pitch frequencies without strainingyour vocal cords.
  • Essentials of basic communicative breathing for high impact voicethrow or projection!

Module Three: High Impact Mental and EmotionalEngagement of Audience through

  • The science of mind body synchronization.
  • The art of voice modulation.

Module Four: Unleashing with High Impact, Expression ofMeanings, hidden in Words and Sentences

  • Understanding different types and deploying the power of pause.
  • Mastering the art of effective enunciation.
  • Communication of ideas, perspectives and unique selling pointsby deploying the skill of high impact articulation.
  • Exercising high impact control over speed in verbal communications.
  • Motivating, exciting & energizing audience by communicating throughhigh impact speech rhythms.

Learning Outcome

After this program an individual will be able to have control over his voicepitch and speed, will be able to understand the science of mind bodysynchronization and voice modulation also, this workshop will give thatdefinitive edge to make you stand out in the crowd.

Who Should Attend

This program is for mid to senior level managers and those who want tomaster the art of public speaking, strengthens your vocal cords to achievehigh impact voice and word clarity even in the absence of a microphone.

For Further Details 

huma.alvi@pstd.com.pk    0322-2039799
shahzaib.ul.mulk@pstd.com.pk  0321-5359737

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Payment Details:

The cheque will be made under the name of “Pakistan Society for Training & Development” and dispatch it to following address;

Pakistan Society for Training & Development
Plot # TC-3, 34th Street, Khayaban-e-Seher
Phase V, DHA, Karachi 75500.

Cancellation Policy:

PSTD Cancellation Policy – Cancellations made at least 5 working days prior to the program will be refunded 50%. If a booking is canceled in less than 5 working days, no refunds can be given. Cancellations must be confirmed by a letter or email. Substitutions may be made at any time for the same program only. In case of the participant not showing up on the day of the training a replacement can be sent.

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