Saadi Insha

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Saadi Insha is a leading trainer, facilitator and inspirational speaker passionate about helping organizations unleash the untapped potential of their most valuable resource – their people. Over the last two decades, Saadi has trained thousands of employees of leading national and multinational organizations from all major industries in Pakistan. He has also facilitated workshops and led high-energy conference events in UAE, Turkey, Qatar and Thailand and has addressed numerous universities and professional forums as a Guest Speaker. Saadi trains in the areas of peak performance, motivation, creative and analytical thinking, management development, communication and team-building. He is known for packing his programs with rich results-oriented content and immensely engaging activities and for communicating with a zest and energy that is highly contagious. Senior leaders from leading organizations have called him ‘awe-inspiring’, ‘brilliant’, ‘outstanding’, ‘extremely motivating’ and ‘one of the best in the business’ Saadi is an MBA Gold Medalist from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) – Pakistan’s premiere business school, and has attended numerous personal and professional development programs both in Pakistan and abroad. He has worked for two different industries and prior to becoming an independent trainer, was managing the training function at MCB Bank. Saadi holds the unique distinction of being the only trainer in Pakistan who is also a Psychological Illusionist. His corporate entertainment show called Mysteries Within engages participants in highly intriguing mind games related to ESP, mind reading, lie detection and impossible predictions. Providing a unique form of interactive entertainment that most people have never experienced before, Mysteries Within has been the highlight of various corporate events.

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Welcome to Playoff

Playoff; a not-so-fantasy world where player organizations compete to attract and retain their employees.

Your world has undergone a brutal recession, crippling pandemic, and is now made to face a new generation of workers, that come with a completely different set of expectations and needs. This has fueled the already gaping disconnect and disengagement between employer and employee, and if organizations don’t gear up today, they will lose out on talent in the future.