Xenab Ansari

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Xenab Ansari is a Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Reformer, and Founder of The Power Circle and Empower Yourself. Having worked primarily as an Entrepreneur throughout her career, Xenab's initial years were in textile, fashion and wholesale business. In 2017, she shifted her focus towards women's development with the launch of Empower Yourself, which collects research on six common forms of abuse and manipulation (verbal, psychological, physical, legal, financial, and digital), and aims to find solutions to help people manage situations where they are being fearful, manipulated, abused or in danger. She then went on to start up The Power Circle in 2023, a Nation Building Think Tank, aggregating data and resources across the social development sector to identify problem areas and then match them with stakeholders that can deliver solutions. Through her work with women's development across all walks of life, her expertise on the subject has positioned her as an emerging Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity leader with the capability to influence behavior change in the communities she is working with. She has taught thousands of men, women, and children across Sindh and has also been a pledge of the SDG-5 Secretariat in the National Assembly with UNICEF to spread the knowledge of functional self-defense across Pakistan.

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