Ehtisham Anwar

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Ehtisham Anwar is a b2b (business-to-business) Marketing and Branding expert. He is a Serial-Marketer, incessantly bringing innovative products, services, brands and thoughts to the industry and academia. Ehtisham has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA and a Master of Science in Management. He is also a certified six-sigma black belt. Ehtisham has over 17 years of industry experience in b2b sales, marketing & branding at leading organizations in Pakistan and Canada. Ehtisham is very passionate about teaching and training and has conducted numerous courses, workshops and trainings for university students and business professionals in Pakistan and Canada.

Taught Courses

Welcome to Playoff

Playoff; a not-so-fantasy world where player organizations compete to attract and retain their employees.

Your world has undergone a brutal recession, crippling pandemic, and is now made to face a new generation of workers, that come with a completely different set of expectations and needs. This has fueled the already gaping disconnect and disengagement between employer and employee, and if organizations don’t gear up today, they will lose out on talent in the future.