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8th Women in Business and Leadership Conference (WIBCON) 2016 – Karachi


February 24, 2016

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Jeannette is both owner and head trainer at Studio X and embodies eighteen years’ of experience in fitness training. Her BA in Hotel Management has taught her to meet and exceed client expectations and she has put this knowledge to use in every facet of Studio X. Not known for doing anything by half, Jeannette has upped the ante for fitness studios in Pakistan. She invested in reeducating herself and is an internationally certified instructor who continues to train, and retrain, in world-class fitness techniques.


NailaKassim heads Corporate Communications and HR at Engro Corporation. In her capacity as the head of HR she is responsible for formulating a strong talent and HR management strategy along with ensuring succession planning for a healthy talent pool within the organization. Prior to her association with Engro in 2010, Naila worked extensively with various blue chip organizations – including Intel

Corporation – where she was responsible for developing strategic programs to promote technology usage and penetration of IT in Pakistan. Naila holds a Bachelor of Science degree having majored in

Marketing from Southeastern University, Washington D.C.


Arshia is an HR generalist with over 17 years of experience in diverse industries (FMCG,

Automotive Engineering, Telecom, Hospitality and Financial Institution). She is currently an HR Business Partner – Organizational Wellbeing at Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited. She has led various strategic initiatives related to Compensation Framework, People& Culture, Employee Relations, Diversity, HR Policy, Engagement and Capability Development


Shafaq is an MC Member and HR Director for Unilever Pakistan. She is a gold medalist from Kinnaird Collage and earned her MBA from LUMS. Shafaq’s career started at Nestle where she joined as Management Trainee and left in the role of a Recruitment & Development Manager. After time off with her family, Shafaq re-entered the workplace with short stints of consultancy before joining Engro where she headed HR for their food business and parent company. This gave her vast exposure to not only operational and strategic HR but also HR systems development. FromEngro, Shafaq moved to Head of HR at Shell Pakistan before joining Unilever. She is an Executive member of PSHRM & is Member of Board for PSTD.


Sumika Farooqui joined Procter and Gamble (P&G) Pakistan in 2008. She is currently heading the Human Resources (HR) department at P&G Pakistan. During her time with P&G, Sumika has worked in various areas of HR including Plant HR, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Engagement and Functional HR. She holds a BBA(Hons.) and MBA degree from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA). On a personal front, Sumika enjoys spiritual talks and non-fiction literature. She is married and has a son.


Saairah is currently Planning Manager – Carbonated Soft Drinks at PepsiCo. She became a Chartered Accountant in 2008 from A.F. Ferguson & Co., a member firm of Price water house-Coopers, the largest audit and consultancy firm in Pakistan. She has played an active role as a member of the organizing committee for South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA) Conference held in Pakistan and also served as the master of ceremony for the conference. She has also participated in the one young World (OYW) Summit 2015 in Bangkok as a delegate speaker.


Yousuf Bashir Qureshi’s talents and passions range from fashion design, photography and painting, to food science and farming. A student and a teacher, YBQ defines his work as experimentation. He has designed for the likes of Madonna, Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morrissette, worked on costumes for box office behemoths such as The Matrix, had his photographs published in Vogue and National Geographic and has recently exhibited a retrospective titled ‘Recollections’ at Canvas Gallery in Karachi


Rabia Aziz is often referred to as “Aaliya’s mom.” Rabia grew up in Karachi and then completed her education abroad at The University of Toronto. She was stuck in a rat race until she experienced a life changing moment- the birth of her second child, a girl named Aaliya. Aaliya was diagnosed at birth with Apert Syndrome. She was missing all her fingers, had webbed toes and a de-shaped head. Today, three years later they have both come a long way. Aaliya’s story has become an inspiration and together they are challenging taboos that exist in our society. Rabia has started a group called Special Needs Pakistan, which is an amazing online support group and the very first of its kind in Pakistan where she encourages families to step up and speak out.


Daniyal is the CEO of KaroKuch, a behavior change communications company addressing social issues and creating positive narratives in Pakistan, and Chief Get Things Done Guy at Wakhra Studio, a digital marketing agency and animation studio. Wakhra Studios most recently created an animated series by the name of Quaid Say Baatein, designed to helpdevelop critical thinking abilities and instill positive civic values within Pakistanis. This content is currently airing on GEO to rave reviews. Daniyal is an Acumen Fellow, speaker at TEDxKarachi,and holds an MBA from INSEAD with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Tina Sani needs no introduction. She is a Pakistani singer who has mesmerized audiences and kept alive the art of ghazals through generations and genres. Through her voice, she has touched many and brought to life the words of Faiz, Iqbal and Ghalib among others. She is a student of life and enjoys reading and searching for meaning behind the words she sings.


Asma Shaikh is the Chief People Officer at TCS Holdings Limited. She is a seasoned HR professional with over twenty years of experience in banking, pharmaceutical, energy, health care and education sectors. Prior to joining TCS Holdings, she was workingas Group Head – Human Resource sat NIB Bank Limited. Asma specializes in Executive Coaching and is certified by SHL on Occupational Testing & Personality Assessment. She is MBTI certified from IHS Dubai and Top-Grading accreditation from Barclays UK


Currently a Senior Consultant at Carnelian, Shireen’sareas of expertise are Personal Development and Visionary Leadership. She has conducted multiple management development programs mainly covering

Interpersonal Communication, Team Building, Conflict Management, and Project Planning. She holds an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration.


A leading trainer, facilitator and inspirational speaker, Saadi is passionate about helping organizations unleash the untapped potential of their most valuable resource – their people. Since 2001, Saadi has trained thousands of employees from leading national and multinational organizations through his acclaimed public and in-house workshops. Saadi holds an MBA and a Gold Medal from the Institute of Business Administration


Roofi brings fresh global perspective on the changing world for women in Pakistan. As an IFC Master Trainer for Gender Diversity, she has conducted several women engagement and mind changing initiatives across Pakistan. Experience includes conducting local and international training workshops in sales, customer service, research; teaching at IBA; and investment banking deal execution. Currently she leads a training department for HBL, which she pioneered and developed and caters to training needs of over 15000 staff across Pakistan& 24 other countries. A business graduate, with dual masters in Marketing& Finance from IBA and the USA she’s alsoworked for Johnson and Johnson, CCBL, Samba Bank and others.


Transgender people in the country who suffer in their professional and personal lives due to discrimination. Khan has a Double Master’s degree from Shah Abdul University in Economics and Political Science. However, despite her academic achievements, she has been unable to hold down a job. In 2003, Khanwas forced to leave her job at the National Medical Centre in Karachi, where she worked as a front desk officer, because she did not fit in.

Muhammad Umer

Muhammad Umer is the Country Head of Human Resources for Standard Chartered Pakistan since August 2013.He is also on the Board of Directors for Price Solutions Pakistan Private Limited. Umer has over 18 years of experience in Banking and Human Resources. He also has significant experience in Operations and Trade Finance from his tenure at the National Bank of Pakistan and in HR management from the National Commission for Human Development. Umer holds an MBA from the Lahore University of Management Sciences and a M.Sc. in Physics from Punjab University.


Seher Hafeez is a Brand Strategist who returned to Pakistan after spendinga decade in Canada where she worked with Unilever and Sears Canada. Seher is a Co-Founder for Busanti, Pakistan’s first public health bus for women which addresses two unmet market needs: access to safe, dignified transport and access to quality, affordable healthcare by leveraging the support of corporate brands. This project is currently parked due to financial delays, but as part of her commitment in supporting innovative women’s brands – Seher is currently managing the brand portfolio for Mahira Khan.


Zia Ahmed Awan Advocate is a very well-known Human Rights Activist in

Pakistan. He is a pioneer is establishing affordable and accessible legal aid for marginalized populations and has affected positive change especially for women and children. He is an ex member of the Executive Committee for the Supreme Court Bar Association andFormer Sindh Bar Council. He is currently the President for Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid (LHRLA) and Advocate for the Supreme Court of Pakistan


Humaira completed her Matriculation fromIDARIEU School and then went to PECHS where she completed her Intermediate degree and Graduation. After graduation, she decided to become Hafiz e Quran so she started to learn and after 5 years was able to memorize the whole Quran and became a Hafiza. After that, Humaira started teaching at IDARIEU, and then got an opportunity at Standard Chartered Bank as a Client Executive. She joined SCB in 2007 and is still proud to be a part of such a great organization


Nadia Hussain is a well-known icon in Pakistan. A dentist by profession, she is one of Pakistan’s reigning Super Models, an actor, an entrepreneur running Nadia Hussain Salon as well as other brands, a mentor to small businesses all while being a Full Time Super-Mom


Maheen Rahman is the CEO of Alfalah GHP Investment Management, and has over fifteen years of experience in investment banking, research and asset management. She has been widely covered in local and international media on significant performance and returns achieved on funds under management. Most recently, she has been featured in Fortune’s 40 Under 40 Top Ten Women to Watch for 2015. Ms. Rahman holds aB.Sc. (Hons) in Economics from LUMS and a M.Sc. Finance and Economics from Warwick Business School, UK. She also holds a Series 7 qualification from the NYSE.

  • Very Informative & energetic

    Carolina Vaz
  • It was truly inspiring & motivational

    Asia Khan
    Dp world
  • I feel immense pleasure to be part of Wibcon.

    Beera khan
  • Really appreciate the spiritual efforts & contribution made to encourage women in Business industry.

    Humera Hameed
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