Communicating With Power (Verbal Empowerment)

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Communicating With Power (Verbal Empowerment)

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This training focuses on delivering practical solutions to common scenarios that women face while being part of the workplace and otherwise. The focus is on using non-confrontational tactics to change the power balance in any situation where she might be harmed. The curriculum covers the psychology of Fear, Three fear responses, & principles of personal security.

Outcome Indicators:

An increased sense of awareness of their surroundings, improved confidence and posture to accurate judgment of people and situations, effective crisis management, taking the right precautions in public spaces or transportation, and understanding the importance of preparation in all areas of life.

Situational Awareness

  • Observation & Orientation
  • OODA Loop Decision-making
  • Interpreting body language
  • Developing a plan of action
  • 7 Internationally recognized Predatory Warning Signs
  • Overcoming the "Freeze" Response

Transport And Public Spaces

  • Ride-Sharing Safety
  • Public Transportation Safety
  • Handling Public Intimidation
  • Improvised safety tools
  • Introduction to Negotiation

The Gentle Art Of Verbal Self Defense

  • Power Dynamics
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming The Bird's Eye view technique
  • Patience and De-escalation
  • Win-Win Solutions
  • Assertive Body Language
  • Power Poses
  • Maintaining Composure

Targeted Audience :

This training is designed for women at all levels, from emerging leaders to senior management.
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